May 12, 2017

Me + My Mom

Happy Mother’s Day Everyone! 

This weekend is all about all the rockstar Mom’s out there and all of the tireless work they do each and everyday. This year was a bit life changing for me. Besides getting married some of my best friends were starting families and becoming Moms. It has really been an amazing journey watching each of them bond with their babies…and having little ones I can spoil! I am lucky enough to be surrounded by so many amazing Moms but there is only one who I call Mom.

I come from a very close-knit family; we actually love spending time with each other. So it no shock that when an event comes up or there is something I want to do, my Mom is usually my first phone call. I am sure most of you can relate, a girl’s mom is her best friend. When I started my business three years ago my Mom was always supporting me. She attended bridal shows with me, and even helped me prep decorations for events. Before this my mom would attend all the events I did when I worked in non-profit. My whole office knew who she was because my Mom loved being involved; when we needed a volunteer she was the first one to raise her hand. When it came to wedding planning I took my Mom to pretty much every meeting, and when I wasn’t sure what to do I turned to her.

Thank you mom for all the support, late night phone calls, long winded complaining sessions, and most of all for being my best friend. Happy Mother’s Day! 

And a special shout out to all the other Mom’s I love!

wedding photo by Idalia Photography

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