June 2, 2017

My Engagement

One of the first questions I ask my clients is “What was the proposal?!” I love hearing the different types of proposals they come up with. Some are well thought out with family and friends surrounding them and others are more intimate with just the couple. Either way it is such a beautiful story I always love to tell because its the start of an amazing journey together, and really helps me understand my couples more.

So I thought it was only fitting that I shared my own engagement as Jarred and I are nearing our 1 year anniversary (it’s crazy how time flies!).

Jarred and I first met during my senior year of college at Monmouth University. He was a grad assistant starting his masters. We went through a lot together in those first few years: graduating college, starting new jobs, leaving old jobs, moving in together…we were just enjoying life and each other.

In March of 2015 we decided to visit my parents down in Florida where they have a second home. I thought nothing of it and honestly a proposal never crossed my mind since only a few days before we were to leave Jarred had the all clear from work to take off. So we flew down and enjoyed going out to dinners, laying by the beach, just complete relaxation. It was a Wednesday when we had decided to head to Port St Lucie to see the Mets in spring training. Unfortunately no one thought to call ahead and actually make sure they were playing before we left so on our way there we found out they were not and made a Plan B to head to West Palm Beach for some shopping and lunch. Now I am usually good at figuring out when a surprise is coming but no one was giving anything away.

After a few hours we headed home, hung out by the pool for a little, and then got ready for dinner. My parents were going out with friends so Jarred and I headed down to Delray Beach. We found a BBQ place online and went there, enjoyed a DELICIOUS meal. As usual I asked to stop for ice cream but Jarred kept urging us to head to the beach. Again thought nothing of this since Jarred loves the beach at night. So we are walking on the beach and stopped to look out at the water. Jarred was standing behind me with his arms wrapped around me and his heart was literally punching me in the back. I turned to him to make sure he was okay and not having a heart attack..the next few minutes were a complete blur. I remember him getting on his knee, saying some beautiful words I’m sure, and asking me to marry him. I was in shock.

In true Mallory fashion I was trying to figure out how he got the ring from NJ to FL, had it the whole week we were there, and then brought it to dinner. After finally saying yes I was in awe of my ring, the stone coming from my Mom’s original engagement ring which she let us use. It was kinda dark on the beach so we had to use the flashlight on our phone to see it but I was in love. I was so wrapped up in what had happened, Jarred kept urging me to call my parents who were waiting eagerly to hear from me. They met us down in Delray and we headed to a bar for some champagne and OOOO’s and AWWWW’s over the whole night.

It was an amazing night and I would never change it for anything.


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  1. Alex says:

    Aw, loved reading your beautiful proposal story! Have fun planning how to celebrate your 1st anniversary!!