July 11, 2018

Do’s and Don’ts To Selecting The Best Honeymoon Destinations

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The honeymoon is the part of the planning process that everyone looks forward to but overwhelmed to plan. Society has put a lot of pressure on couples now a days to decide on the best honeymoon destinations. This is a lot to take while also planning your wedding. I remember when my husband and I were planning our honeymoon it felt like a full time job, on top of our actual full time jobs. With so many honeymoon destinations to choose from it could be hard and hair pulling to figure out the best place to go.


Here were some interesting honeymoon statistics from TripSavvy.com :

  • Estimated number of honeymooners: 1.4 million U.S. couples per year
  • Most popular US honeymoon destinations: Hawaii, Florida, California, Nevada
  • Most popular overseas destinations: Mexico, Jamaica, the Bahamas, Italy, St. Lucia, France, and the US Virgin Islands.
  • The most popular luxury honeymoon destinations: Europe, Caribbean, Hawaii, South Pacific.

And my favorite statistic: In a Bridal Guide survey, 70.1% of wedding couples indicated wardrobe as the item they were most likely to acquire for honeymoon travel.


So how do you go about selecting the best honeymoon destinations? Well if you are still unsure on where to go here are some do’s and don’ts for planning your honeymoon.


Don’t copy what all your friends are doing

When you’re wedding planning you try and make your wedding different from what your friends did right? So why shouldn’t your honeymoon be the same. Don’t settle for what your friends did because they raved about the hotel or service. Maybe they are laid back while you are more adventurous. Every couple is different and your honeymoon should reflect that. I know it’s so much easier to just plan what everyone is doing but be different!  Take the time to think about what you and your fiance want and go from there.


Don’t always take the “best deal”

There is a reason why resorts are priced the way they are. Every hotel offers different amenities which makes them stand out whether that is the food they serve, the service they offer, or even the furniture they decorate with. Now this isn’t to say that there aren’t hotels that are 4 or 5 stars and offer great deals on occasion. Don’t settle for the least expensive hotel because it’s a great deal. Just remember that you get what you pay for when price shopping.


Don’t leave it up to your significant other to plan your honeymoon

So many brides I talk to tell me that they have left the planning of the honeymoon to their fiance because they couldn’t handle planning something else. I am all about splitting up the tasks for wedding planning but just like booking your vendors, the honeymoon should be something you both contribute to. You may be someone who loves to keep busy while your fiance would rather sit poolside. Having your significant other plan your honeymoon puts a lot of stress on them and can leave you disappointed if it’s not what you really wanted. My suggestion would be to sit down and separately make lists of what you both want to do, see, and feel on your honeymoon then compare notes. Circle the similarities and go from there. If you are still stumped contact a travel planner to help you pull the ideas together ( I talked to the owner of Custom Travel Professionals Jill Hiers more about this!)


Do give yourself time between your wedding and honeymoon

There is no rule that says you must take your honeymoon directly after your wedding. Do whatever works for your schedule. Summer is prime wedding season as well as prime travel season. Rates for most places to travel to will go up in the summer so if delaying your honeymoon is more cost effective for you and your fiance then go for it. This also applies for those who are taking their honeymoon after their wedding. If the location you are going to requires you to leave right after your reception or the morning after then that is what you have to do. If you are able to give yourself at least a day or two you will be so happy you did. This will allow you to not stress about packing before the wedding and give you time to organize your wedding gifts and any other last minute tasks.


Do splurge a little

Remember when I suggested creating lists for your must haves on your honeymoon? Well here is why. For some, the honeymoon may be the most expensive trip you take. This is the start of your new life together and you want to start it off right! Whether that means flying first class or room upgrades, you will most likely be spending more on your honeymoon than you normally would on a vacation. So back to the list, once you figure out the things you want to do, you can see what you would want to splurge on. If you and your fiance want to travel to Europe and are big foodies then maybe you’ll want to book a private cooking class just the two of you or a private winery tour. Splurge on the things you love even if that means not staying in the higher end resorts.


Do plan ahead

If you know where you want to go then why not start booking? Booking early can sometimes lead to great offers on airfare, hotel, and excursions. There is nothing wrong with booking the necessary details like your flight and room reservations then taking more time to see what things you want to do. Just like with wedding planning, the earlier you book the more choices you will have.

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