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September 17, 2018

Five Challenges Couples Face When Planning

Wedding Preparation | Challenges Facing Couples

Recently, the 2018 Wedding Wire Newlywed report came out which is a snapshot of modern weddings in the US. The report compiles data from nearly 18,000 newlyweds married in 2017. Every year I like to take a look at the report and see where the wedding industry is trending and continues to remain a constant theme. 

For example the traditional wedding season has always been spring but in 2017 roughly 40% of weddings took place in the fall months. May and June continue to be popular weddings months but September and October have surpassed holding four of the top five wedding dates.

One takeaway that I wanted to talk more about today are the challenges couples face during their wedding preparation. As a former bride I know the stresses and challenges that come with wedding planning I was new to the wedding industry when I got engaged and didn’t have all the knowledge and resources I have come to learn. It can be overwhelming and honestly just not fun to go through the planning process when you continue to second guess yourself.

Well, not today! Today I want to talk about the challenges facing couples and solutions on how to combat those struggles during wedding preparation so you can enjoy wedding planning and even lose the stress along the way!


Determining your budget and guest size

Money is never an easy topic for anyone but when it comes to wedding planning it should be the first thing you discuss. I always tell my clients when they are first sitting down to wedding planning is to determine who is paying. Parents paying for the wedding should be part of the conversation. 

If parents are helping pay for the wedding then they should also help determine guest size. Decide whether you want a more intimate wedding with close friends and family or a huge party with everyone. Preliminary searches online can help see what some of the local vendors in your area cost or if you hire a wedding planner he/she can help you work out a budget with the items that are most important to you that day and work from there.

Making decisions

I struggle with this in my everyday life! My husband is amazed that I can make split second decisions for my clients but can’t decide what I want for dinner. I think this is a struggle for most people and even harder when it comes to your wedding day. You are putting in a lot of time and money into planning your wedding and you want to make sure the decisions you make are the right ones. But how do you know if the decision is the right one?

Sometimes you need to go with your gut feeling and not over analyze. When searching for a photographer, don’t overwhelm yourself with talking to 10 photographers. Pick three overall that you admire their work and meet with them. Once you speak with them you will know if it is the right fit or not. Having a wedding planner with you to ask the questions you may not even realize can help too!

Keeping track of expenses

It can be a hassle to keep track of expenses throughout your planning process especially if you are planning for a number of years. The best way to track expenses is to create a spreadsheet broken down into categories. This can be a part of your budget or a separate list without a number budgeted for.

For example: the expenses for stationary may include: save the date design and print,  invitation design and print, stamps ( for save the dates, invitations, and the rsvp card), and calligraphy. You can assign a budget to this or as you complete a task just write down next to it the amount and the date. Another idea is to keep a wedding folder in your email so you can track shipping notifications and email receipts that way too.

Knowing you are on the right track with planning

Most brides and grooms stress about this one the most because time stands still for no one so each day you are getting closer and closer to your wedding day. There are a lot of things to do during the planning process but there are also lots of tools to help you along the way.

Most online bridal blogs have wedding planning lists you can download to help you check off the items as you complete them. For my clients, I send out monthly wedding to-do emails so they know what items they should be focusing on. A wedding checklist is also in the portal to actively off items that are complete and see what tasks are left.

Finding vendors

I remember the stress of vendor searching for my own wedding because everyone has an opinion of who you should use, which can be both overwhelming and helpful. If you have booked your venue you can start with their preferred vendor list to begin your search. Instagram is also a great way to see the work of vendors and find one that fits your style.

Most vendors also have their own preferred vendor list that they give out to clients. I have one that my clients receive when they book which has listed vendors in every category and only those who I trust and know do amazing work.

I hope these tips will help as you go through your planning process and always feel free to contact me to chat more about wedding planning or just to say hi!

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