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January 28, 2019

Kids at Weddings |Including The Little Ones

Kids at Weddings | Wedding Tips

The debate on whether to have kids at weddings is one that most brides and grooms have during their wedding planning. If you have a little one that is close to your heart it is always special for both them and you to be a part of your big day. On the other hand, if their parents are in the wedding it can be a logistical nightmare to have them there. I personally love seeing kids at weddings and here are some ways to include them.

They can still get the VIP treatment

For all the ladies, wedding prep usually starts early with hair and makeup. Depending on the number of bridesmaids in the party it can be a pretty long morning. If you have young flower girls this could make or break their day. Having them up early to start getting ready with the rest of the tribe sounds like the perfect plan but after a few hours this can be a recipe for disaster. My tip, let them still get their hair and makeup done…just a little later than everyone else. Here are some photos of my flower girls getting their VIP treatment while we were doing our first look at taking photos.

Photography: Idalia Photography

And look, they made it down the aisle in one piece!

Keep them occupied

Some couples opt to not have any kids at their wedding which is totally fine! But for those who have some special little ones in their lives a 4-5 hour wedding reception can be a lot for them to handle…along with their parents. I am all about making them small activity bags filled with coloring books, glowsticks, and any other fun things they can do at their seat.

photo: Jessica Hendrix Photography


Let Them Have Fun

Don’t forget that these are kids we are talking about. Sometimes you just need to let them have fun! Usually the cutest moments come unexpectedly. If you can plan early for these little ones to be there it will be worth it in the end!


Flower Girls Twirling Mallory Weiss Planning

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