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February 18, 2019

The Costs of an Outdoor Wedding on the Jersey Shore

Outdoor Weddings Costs | Wedding Tips

I have had the privilege of working with a number of brides on their  outdoor wedding. Using the beauty of nature to enhance the wedding day is always a plus. Although an outdoor wedding seems simple it can be a lot of work and costly.

Unfortunately, brides and grooms today don’t always realize the overall cost of an outdoor wedding. This is not to deter anyone from having an outdoor wedding but to show the costs associated with it. 

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If you are considering an outdoor wedding here are some of the main and hidden costs for this style reception:


This may be obvious for some but I have had potential clients meet with me and tell me how they plan to use a pop up tent or state they don’t want a tent because they want an open air effect. A tent is the first thing you should be booking for your event. Your tent will help determine where certain events take place throughout the night, the number of guests you will be able to invite, and the setup for the entire event. Most tent companies will need to come out to your property before giving you a quote so they can give you an accurate tent size. The size depends on your property size, number of guests, and dinner style (buffet or sit down). Don’t forget to check your town for permits!

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After booking your tent it’s time to think about rentals. These include tables, chairs, linens, tables for the caterer, glassware, cutlery, lounge furniture, and bar.  Most rental companies will allow you to change your order as you are planning so don’t feel you need to have everything planned out but you will definitely want to have an idea of the number of guests and the style you are going for.

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Food rounds out my top three of the vendors you should be booking first. Just like your tent company, your caterer should have an idea of the property they are working with. This will help them decide the best way to serve food, where they can set up,  and where they can cook. Having a large size kitchen that the caterer can use to cook and prep in will save you some money on having to supply a cook tent for the caterer.

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Other costs:

I call these hidden costs because these are things not everyone thinks of when they are planning their celebration. I like to make clients aware of these things upfront so they can have a better understanding of their final costs.


 Many believe since the celebration is taking place at their home they don’t need transportation.  Some towns require that the opposite side of the street be kept clear for emergency vehicles. This leads to less parking for guests . Solutions  are to provide transportation for guests or offer valet parking


Having outdoor bathrooms for an outdoor wedding is a must.  These bathrooms look and feel like a real bathroom and are convenient for guests. This eliminates any issues happening in your personal bathrooms and having guests wander in your home.

I love outdoor weddings and they are some of the most fun to plan. Feeling unsure? Consider bringing on a wedding planner who can walk you through each step.   

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