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March 4, 2019

Maid of Honor Duties

Maid of Honor Duties | Wedding Tips

Being the maid of honor for your best friend or sister is a big honor and such an exciting experience! All those years of planning the perfect weddings together has finally paid off, now it’s time to put some plans in action! But where do you start? You may be asking yourself, should I be helping plan the bridal shower? working on planning the bachelorette party? How about the day of the wedding?

If you’ve never been a maid of honor before, or even a bridesmaid, here are some of the duties that may fall to you. But also some duties that should not fall to you.

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Maid of Honor helping Bride

The Bridal Shower

Because of busy schedules, the new trend for bridal showers is the bride being a part of the planning process. Nowadays Brides will help the Maid of Honor and Mother of the Bride help plan the shower. There are still traditional brides who have a planned surprise shower. In either case, the Maid of Honor should be included in the planning so that she can pass the information along to the other bridesmaids. The Maid of Honor can help with organizing the games, working with the bridal party for a group gift, and helping the bride at the shower open her gifts.

The Bachelorette Party

The fun stuff! This is where the Maid of Honor really shines. The bachelorette party should be a fun adventure for the bride and bridesmaid. Include the Bride on where she wants to go or what she wants to do but it’s always fun to add something special for her. The Maid of Honor should work with the bridesmaid to delegate plans.

The Wedding

The wedding day can be a stressful morning for all parties so the Maid of Honor should do her best to keep the conversation light and help the Bride if she is feeling overwhelmed. Sometimes this can make the Maid of Honor overwhelmed too so try and remember that this is HER day, give her space if she needs it.

What the Maid of Honor should NOT be doing

Brides should remember that the tribe they have but together to support them throughout the wedding process are also giving up their time and money to be a part of their day. I’ve seen Brides really put their Maid of Honor to work and to be honest it’s not fair. This is also a fun and exciting moment for the Maid of Honor, they should be able to equally enjoy the day. Here are some things they should not be doing:

  • Spending hours to make calls and appointments for you (unless they really want to).
  • Putting centerpieces together until 2am the night before the wedding OR up at 6:00am.
  • Running around the morning of the wedding to make sure that vendors are arriving on time.
  • Tracking down transportation.
  • Carrying around your belongings from one location to another.

Although this is about Maid of Honor duties, these apply to other members of your family too. Everyone should be able to enjoy your day without having to break a sweat.

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