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April 3, 2019

Calligraphy Styles | Vendor Spotlight | The Shaded Maple

Vendor Spotlight | The Shaded Maple

The weather is starting to get warmer and we are about eight weeks out from the official start of our wedding planning season. Unofficially we have been working hard to finalize plans over the past few months for our wedding planning couples. I am so excited to share all the details with you all and be sure to check out our IG page for all the prettiness!

One of the details we work with a lot of our clients on is calligraphy styles for their wedding. These can range from invitations to signage. There are so many different calligraphy styles and options to choose from it can overwhelm anyone! But today I wanted to break it all down for you and go over some of the newest trends to hit the wedding market. There is no one better to do that than the husband and wife duo that make up The Shaded Maple. I first met Karson and Kyle at a mastermind retreat two years ago and fell in love with their calligraphy style. They are the sweetest people and just welcomed the cutest baby girl! Since meeting we have worked together on a number of weddings and they are my go-to’s when couples needed that “a-ha” detail.

Meet The Shaded Maple

The Shaded Maple is a husband-wife team, specializing in modern calligraphy and hand-lettering for weddings and events.  The idea for The Shaded Maple came after their own wedding in 2014, for which Karson hand-lettered everything, from the invitation envelopes to escort cards to signage! She knew then that she wanted to learn more about calligraphy and hand-lettering, so she decided to pursue it further by taking classes and teaching herself techniques.  The Shaded Maple was started soon after!

What is your favorite style seating chart you like to create?

Seating charts are some of our favorite pieces to make! The options for seating charts are truly endless and can fit any style, which makes them the perfect addition to any wedding or event!  They are also the most versatile option when it comes to location.  Our seating charts have held up in wind and rain, whereas this wouldn’t be the case with traditional escort cards.  Our favorite type of seating chart has to be on mirrors.  Mirrors are timeless and can be designed to match any event!  Mirrors are also a great surface to work with since they can be re purposed after the big day – just remove the ink and they are good to go!

What are some trends you are seeing now? 

While mirror seating charts continue to be a popular choice among couples, we are seeing more and more couples looking for other options like acrylic!  In the past, we have also done seating charts on wood, reclaimed windows and paper.  We are even doing one in a couple months on palm leaves!  As weddings become more and more personalized, I anticipate seeing requests for even more unique options!

How can bride and grooms decide which style works for them?

When choosing the type of seating chart they want, couples should first decide on the overall feel or style of their wedding.  For an outdoor or rustic wedding, a wood seating chart might be best.  An elegant black-tie affair may call for a large mirror seating chart with some beautiful florals draped over it.  However, these are simply suggestions! Luckily, since all seating charts we do are done by hand, they can be completely customized through the design and layout.

Thank you so much to The Shaded Maple for being a part of our vendor spotlight. Check out their blog for more seating chart ideas! Below are some of the weddings we have collaborated on!

You can view more of this wedding on our blog!

You can view more of this wedding on our blog!

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