My favorite part of the wedding day is when the bride and groom catch a few minutes to themselves to bask in the journey they have just created.

I was a bride myself in 2016 right here on the Jersey Shore. My husband proposed on the beach at night while on vacation in Florida, it was so dark I needed a flashlight to see the ring!

The diamond of my ring is from my Mother's original engagement ring which is 35 years old!

I love to travel, its one of my greatest passions. I've been an avid travel since I was a kid. This is what led me to become a travel planner.

I started my company in 2014 when i realized how beautiful a wedding could be and wanted to give that experience to my clients.

My goal is to inspire my clients to follow their vision allowing me to create for them a one of a kind experience.

I believe that a wedding day should be something you remember and can enjoy, not just an event for your friends and family. It's a time to celebrate love and create moments and memories with those around you. 

I'M HERE TO HELP YOU bring your wedding vision to life!

once-in-a-lifetime experiences

why we are different

My goal is to inspire my clients to follow their vision allowing me to create for them a one of a kind experience.

Why we are different

I know all too well the overwhelming sensation of wedding planning. The endless search for vendors, recommendations about the "best" photographer, DJ, band, etc. Basically the second job you don't get paid for.

 I don't want this for you. When I tell you that wedding planning can be stress free, I stand by that. Sure there will be bumps along the way but we will always be here to pick you back up. We are your confidante, cheerleader, friend, and sometimes therapist.

Our clients will tell you they enjoyed their wedding day because they lived it. They weren't tied up contacting vendors or wrangling bridesmaids for photos. They were present for every moment.

This is our mission, to make each of our clients present and immersed in their wedding day. Who wants to spend a year planning an event and not enjoy it? No one!

We would never take over your wedding day nor do anything that is not approved by you. Our goal is simple, to take your vision and bring it to life. Our couples would rather enjoy time with friends and family than spend hours creating timelines and organizing transportation.